Format: CD/Digital
Release date: Nov. 13, 2015

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Meerenai Shim, flutes
Jacob Abela, piano

Tracks 1-5: engineered by Alberto Hernandez at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California.

Track 6: recorded by Quinn Powell, Mario Hernandez, Dachè Provo, Andrew Avila, Chris Thomas and supervising engineer Lanier Sammons at California State University Monterey Bay and mixed by Quinn Powell.

Mastered by George Horn and Anne-Marie Suenram

Produced by Meerenai Shim

Art and design by Adam T. Davis

© 2015 Meerenai Shim and Aerocade Music



by Meerenai Shim


Pheromone is an all-electrocoustic album inspired by the wild effects and extended flute techniques used in the opening track Fractus III: Aerophoneme by Eli Fieldsteel. The album’s namesake, Pheromone, by Isaac Schankler and Pencilled Wings by Emma O’Halloran, were commissioned and recorded in collaboration with Melbourne-based pianist Jacob Abela who Shim met during their joint fellowship at the Bang on a Can Summer Festival. Shim’s long-time collaborator and The Mineral Kingdom bandmate Matthew Joseph Payne features as composer for Etude for contrabass flute and the quirky microtonal circuit-bent TI83+ calculator. Completing the album are two further works for solo flute and electronics, Huge Blank Canvas Neck Tattoo by Gregory C. Brown and 60.8% by Douglas Lausten.

The album will be the debut release for the Aerocade Music record label Shim founded in 2015.



Eli Fieldsteel (b. 1986)
1. Fractus III: Aerophoneme for flute and live electronic sound (2011/2012)

Gregory C. Brown (b. 1990)
2. Huge Blank Canvas Neck Tattoo for alto flute and digital delay (2014)

Emma O’Halloran (b. 1985)
3. Pencilled Wings for flute, piano, and stereo playback (2014)
featuring pianist Jacob Abela

Douglas Laustsen (b. 1984)
4. 60.8% for bass flute and electronics (2014)

Isaac Schankler (b. 1979)
5. Pheromone for flute(s), piano, and electronics (2014)
featuring pianist Jacob Abela

Matthew Joseph Payne (b. 1984)
6. Etude for contrabass flute and TI83+ calculator (2014)



…Pheromone stands in a class of its own. This album’s dedication to all electro-acoustic compositions definitively breaks from traditional repertoire and instrumentation, unapologetically plays to Shim’s strengths, and highlights her incredible versatility as a contemporary artist.
— I Care If You Listen
Pheromone, the third solo recording by San Francisco-area new music flutist Meerenai Shim, is a fine collection of new electroacoustic works, all but one of which were commissioned for this recording. The six compositions encompass their composers’ individual approaches to integrating the flute with electronics of various types, and reflect Shim’s own genre-challenging, eclectic engagement with new music.
— Avant Music News
Her first two albums are fantastic but Shim has outdone herself with this latest release. Pheromone takes her playing to a completely new level.
— The Flute View